Do You Know Someone Who Would Like To Learn How To Lose Fat Not Muscle?

How To Lose Fat Not Muscle

People today are interested in learning how to lose fat not muscle. This is interesting because for some time,    the subject of interest was merely losing weight. It is encouraging to see that nowadays people are better  informed about the functioning of the body. This leads to a healthier attitude towards the composition of the body and how to go about getting it into shape.

There was a study done, not long ago by folks at the University of Connecticut that demonstrated when athletes switch from a diet that is well balanced, with the right amount of fats, carbohydrates and proteins, to one that is low in carbs they experiences some drops in their performance. Here are some of the statistics.


• 6 percent drop in cardiovascular performance

• 9 percent drop in muscle power


In addition to that, it was found that muscle recuperation after exercise was lower for those individuals who were on low carb diets.


With that in mind, one has to wonder why anyone would want to reduce the amount of carbs they consume anyway. Here are some other facts that will help you understand this concept.


How to lose fat not muscle note:


Similar to the way you begin to lose weight quickly when you start taking diet pills, when you put yourself on a low carb diet you will see results right away. This is caused by a depletion of glycogen which most people think is loss of fat, but it isn’t. The truth is that so many people are absorbed with weight loss that they are willing to believe that any loss of weight must be good.


Now, you are probably wondering what this is about glycogen anyway. Well, glycogen is a combination of water and glucose that gets stored in the muscles for the most part. As you can see, a big portion of the weight being lost when you are eating a low carb diet comes from water being depleted from the muscles. Is there any reason someone who is into exercise would want to get smaller muscles? I think not!


How to lose fat not muscle note:


When people exercise, the goal is typically to improve the way the body looks, and that is accomplished by increasing the percentage of muscle mass. The only way to do that is to keep the muscle you already have while losing fat. This is a basic principle when it comes to weight control. You must increase the amount of muscle on your body so that you can burn up more fat.


Here are some steps you can take to maintain your muscle while losing fat so that you can reach your ideal weight right along with getting to your ideal body composition.


How To Lose Fat Not Muscle


If you want to be successful with losing weight without losing muscle at the same time, you should cycle your fat burning days with those days you set aside for recovery. That means you cannot be too aggressive or extreme when you begin cutting back of carbs. The key to doing it right is to manage, not eliminate all carbs. This can be done by reducing the amount of carbs you eat by 20% of the daily requirement for a couple of days and then replenish glycogen in muscles within 48 hours by consuming 100% of the recommended daily amount of carbohydrates. This allows you to lose fat without the muscles suffering for it.


With this method, you will be able to enjoy two days of fat burning that are followed by one day of recovery. This will give you the optimal diet, and you will enjoy that because you will likely lose from 1 to 2 pounds each week, while feeding your muscles what they need to stay strong. Since you are not depleting glycogen stores dramatically, and therefore, your athletic performance will not be affected in the way they would if you tried a low carbohydrate diet.


How To Lose Fat Not Muscle—Avoid Exercise On Low Carb Days


If you are serious about learning how to lose fat not muscle, you will listen carefully to what comes next. The time to exercise is on those days when you are feeding your muscles the carbohydrates they need. That means when during those days when you are aggressively reducing your carb intake you should avoid exercise. If there is one thing that is hard for athletes to get through their heads, it is that they see better results on those days when their bodies get to rest. Muscle building is a direct response to nourishing the muscles properly and letting them rest after strenuous exercise.


How To Lose Fat Not Muscle — When To Exercise


It is not a good idea to workout during the first one or two hours after having a meal, when the blood sugar and insulin levels are high. This is the time when the cells are in what is known as an anabolic state. This is the state when they are taking in nutrients. It is when the blood sugar and insulin levels drop that the pancreas begins to produce glucagons which is a hormone as well as nutrients that are stored in fat and release it into the blood to be used as fuel for the energy needed for exercise.


Learning how to lose fat not muscle means learning how to manage blood sugar levels to your advantage. What you want is a slow rise and drop of blood sugar and insulin levels so that you are not caught off guard. To do this, you must feed the body a well balanced diet that is rich in proteins and low in simple carbohydrates. The protein and complex carbs release nutrients into the body much more slowly than simple carbs do, so that will help you better manage these levels and get the most out of your workouts.


How to lose fat not muscle – Timing


Just by learning to time your exercise workouts appropriately, you should be able to lose that fat without losing the muscle you need. Since you are going to be using up a lot of energy, and therefore fuel, you should never plan your exercise without leaving room for a minimum of one last meal in the day so that you will again be feeding your muscles what they need to recover.


How to lose fat not muscle- keep it simple

Put simply, if you want to be successful with any weight loss regimen, you must approach it properly. Those who are overweight, but are ready to do something about that, should first learn how to lose fat not muscle and how not to sacrifice their health while doing so. You have to come up with a solution to your body composition problem because lets face it, when you are overweight you have too much fat for the amount of muscle on your body.


You could use good pills to help reduce your appetite, but what happens when you stop taking them? By learning the most effective approach to diet and exercise, you should be able to reach your goals and be able to keep the weight off once you have been successful. More power to you!